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1. Selective herbicides and temporary plant growth inhibitor, used to prevent potato tubers, Onions, garlic, carrot, etc from sprout during the storage, and to inhibit the action of the crop growth extended flowering. Also can be used as a herbicide or tobacco for chemical pick.
2. Maleic hydrazide (CAS 123-33-1) is a selective herbicide as well as a temporary growth inhibitor. It enter plant body and conduct inside to prevent cell division without inhibit cell swelling.
3. Effectively prevent bud growth and reduce Photosynthesis. It can be used in potato, onion, garlic, radish, carrot, turnip, Wild Cabbage at the storage period to prevent germination degeneration; For cotton, Corn Male; of Prunus davidiana, can inhibit the growth of tobacco axillary bud; can be used to inhibit the lawn, hedge and tree growth.
Maleic hydrazide (CAS 123-33-1) is an selective herbicide and temporary plant growth inhibitors. Pharmaceutical into the plant through the leaf cuticle, reduce photosynthesis, osmotic pressure and evaporation, will inhibit the growth of buds strongly. For the prevention of potato tubers, onion, garlic, radish sprout during storage, and inhibit the growth of crop and extend the flowering. Also be used as herbicide or chemical pinching of tobacco.
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